Wool Bundles

Jackie's Woolens offers a variety of wool bundles in different sizes, styles of wool, and color.  All bundles contain quality 100% wool that has been felted and is ready to use.  Gradation bundles and the Six Packs are hand dyed and felted and tied up with Jackie's Woolens ribbon.

Here are the styles, sizes, and prices of various bundles.
      Gradation Bundles contain four 8" x 8" hand dyed wools    $14.00
      Six Pack contains six 8" x 12" hand dyed wools                 $30.00
      Woolrich Mill bundle contains six 8" 12" wools                   $10.00
      Plaid Bundles contain eight 8" x 8" wools                          $18.00

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Eight Piece Bundle


Gradation Bundle Raspberry


Six Pack


Six Piece Bundle


Woolrich Bundle


Woolrich Mill Bundle